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Why a Single Web Page?

Having a website for your business can be an expensive outlay and you may find it hard to justify the cost of having one, especially if you don't feel you have enough information to fill 3/4/5 pages of good info. Apart from paying a lot of money for the website design, you've got the extra cost of the domain name (web address) and the yearly fee for the hosting of your website on a server. The downside of not having a website is that your competitors may have the edge over you, and so, with a web page you can compete on a level playing field on the internet, being found on "Google" and showing off your business online.

Your web page will have it's own web address  - "
your business name". You'll be able to use this address for customers to see what your business is all about, use it on your business cards, for advertising media, letterheads, Google for Business, etc.
You supply all the information you want on your page including text, photos, email address, contact numbers and we will produce a web page for your business.

View the Sharrock Construction web page the address is ( view )


1. Each web page has it's own web page address for example - " business name".
 You will be able use this address for your customers to see what your business is all about and use it on your business cards, advertising media, letterheads, Google for Business, etc.

2. Your web page will include:
A.  Your Business Logo...if you have one

B. Up to 10 Photographs
C. Your Contact Details - email, address, mobile/landline phone numbers
D. Your Business summary - up to 400 words

E. Contact Form (for customers to email you)

The Cost of having a Web Page:


For Year 1*

Production of web page
(one off payment)                                                                  £60

Web space
your company name)                   £30 (yearly cost)

Total amount payable for year 1                                            £90

**On completion of the web page, a "QR" code of your business web page address will be sent to you. This will allow future clients to scan with a mobile phone and go directly to your web page for more information regarding your business.  You'll be able to use this on letterheads/business cards/flyers/social media, vehicles, etc. 


* This includes a one year's free entry in one category in the Ilkley Trades Directory ( ) which covers Ilkley, Otley, Addingham, Burley in Wharfedale, Pool in Wharfedale. Your entry in the Ilkley Trades Directory includes your logo, your summary, your contact details and a link to your web page.

For Year 2 and onwards...

All you pay for is for the provision of Web space for your web page
Web Space per yr.                                                                  £30


Want to show extra photographs?

Extra Photographs:

Standard amount of photographs for a web page is up to 10

If you wish to have more photographs on your page, each extra photograph uploaded will add a cost £1.00 per photo.

*please note: this £1.00 payment per photo is a one off payment for "extra photographs" and not added on to the web page yearly costs for hosting. You can add more photos at any time to your web page entry.


Example below shows part of a web page

What to do:

All you have to do is:

1. Send as an email to with your business summary, contact details, etc and attach to the email your logo and photographs.

Subject: "Web Page


2. Send an email to (subject: Web Page Enquiry) attaching your business summary, logo, contact details (address/contact phone numbers), photographs that you wish to be on your web page as a word document....Subject "Web Page"

3.Complete the Contact Form below (Get in Touch) and we'll get back to you!


An invoice will be sent on completion of the web page after it is "online".

Payment by Bank Transfer (bank details will be supplied) or by Cheque (postal address will be supplied). On completion of the web page and once "live", the outstanding amount will be invoiced to you

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